Ice-Free Track + Duke’s Grocery


Friends – I finally made it back to the track yesterday! Hooray for no ice, snow, slush, freezing rain, etc! It was quite cold (low 30’s with windchill in the upper 20’s), but nothing crazy, and the sun was even out by the time we finished up at 7:30. :)

washington lee high school track workout

We had a great workout – the coaches had us do the following:

1200 (3 laps)
rest a few minutes (jog or walk)
800 (2 laps)
rest a few minutes
400 (1 lap)
rest a few minutes

We started the 1200’s around a 10k pace and then were supposed to end around a 5k pace or faster for the 400. A couple people did 3 rounds of this – me and most of the others did it twice, which came to 3 miles. My watch only includes the actual workout – not the warm up and cool down I did or the jogging in between sets (about another 2 miles total).

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