What Tampon Commercials Would Look Like If Men Had Periods

Source: http://greatist.com/live/if-men-used-tampons?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=feed_http–greatistcom-

Most tampon commercials show carefree women frolicking on the beach or twirling in a field like Maria in The Sound of Music (you can do anything on your period!). They talk about superior levels of absorption, but avoid saying the words vagina, blood, or menstruation. If men needed to use tampons, you can bet they’d be marketed very differently, as this hilarious commercial parody shows. The ad jokes that manpons (yes, that’s male tampons) give you super-charged performance on your period, thanks to a formula designed by NASA scientists.

But the video isn’t just for laughs. At the end is a call to action to help the more than one billion women worldwide who don’t have access to a toilet on their period.

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