Superfood Oatmeal Bowl


Let’s talk about you and superfoods. Everyone wants them, every supermarket’s got them, but what on earth actually constitutes a superfood? A superfood is a plant that supplies super high doses of vitamins and minerals or has the ability to act as an adaptogen—an agent that can regulate your body’s biochemical and physiological systems. 


This luscious superfood oatmeal bowl features:

• Maca powder (for regulating hormones and stimulating libido)

• Lucuma powder (for soothing tissues and nourishing skin)

• Raw coconut oil (antiviral and antifungal, plus healthy fats to support your organs)

• Vanilla bean (a natural aphrodisiac)

• Hemp seeds (high doses of omega fatty acids and plant protein)

• Cacao nibs (oxytocin stimulator—the feel good hormone)

• Spirulina (blue-green algae that provides excellent plant protein and minerals)

• Bee pollen (incredible source of vitamins and plant protein)

• Pomegranate (full of antioxidants and vitamin C)

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