Why and How to Skip Breakfast (and Get Ripped Doing It)

Source: http://romanfitnesssystems.com/articles/skipping-breakfast/

I recently published an article on Elite Daily about why cutting out breakfast is one of the healthiest things you can do, and it’s fair to say that it received some violent opposition.

Here’s one of the nicer comments people left:

“The “author” of this article is so fucking uneducated it’s ridiculous. If you knew anything about god damn nutrition and the human body you would know that eating a proper breakfast allows you to function like a normal human being, even if you wake up super early in the morning. For fucks sake, stop writing articles that solely satisfy your own opinion on what you should do first thing in the morning. I myself am living proof that eating breakfast is a valuable and practical thing to do.”

Two days after publishing the article, over 5,000 people had shared it, and the consensus was that skipping breakfast was a bad idea and, more importantly, that the author (me) was a fucking idiot.

Let’s get address the first part of this conversation.

What does the research say about skipping breakfast or, at the very least, pushing your first meal later in the day?  

There’s been a boatload of studies published on both sides of the fence; people can experience significant weight loss whether they choose to skip…

What do you think?