Do You Like Who You Work With?

It is Sunday night. It is raining in LA. Tomorrow morning I get to go to my day job at one of the big movie studios here in town. But is that the crowd I want to spend all of my working hours with?

For most of us who work in corporate America – or in a small business – find ourselves dealing with all kinds of people every day. Some are great, fun, interesting, and make it worthwhile showing up. Others are just fine, but not exactly the people that I would be hanging out with outside of work. And then there is a select few that I just don’t care to see every day. I don’t think I am unique. (Of course there is always the potential that I might be a person someone else doesn’t want to see tomorrow morning…)

If you start your own business, whether it is a Shaklee business or any other, one of the best benefits is that you get to choose who you work with. Think of what that can mean. You have the opportunity to surround yourself with people that you enjoy seeing. They will probably have the same outlook on life as you. So instead of having to work with people that someone else chose, you get to work with one of the best teams around: one that you put together!

It is well known that a positive outlook can have a physical impact on your health. So if you surround yourself with positive, can-do individuals not only will you enjoy your work but you will be doing your health a favor.

What do you think?