10 Reasons Why Young Entrepreneurs Can be Successful in Building a Shaklee Business

Shaklee provides an opportunity for people of all ages to build a successful business to achieve financial independence. But young entrepreneurs come to the program with several advantages compared with older, more experienced business leaders.

What are these advantages?

Social Networking.

Young Entrepreneurs know how to create social networks online. They are more connected than any other generation and know how to use online tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Building a successful Shaklee business requires building connections and no one know how to do this online better than the younger generation.

Green Living

Strong Interest in Green Causes.

Shaklee has been environmentally responsible for over 50 years – before it was fashionable. Young entrepreneurs want to work with companies that make people and the planet a healthier place to live.

Healthy Living

Want To Develop A Healthy Lifestyle Early in Life.

The young generation is healthy and wants to stay that way. The healthy Shaklee products are the type of merchandise that anyone can feel good about promoting and young people will see that importance. Shaklee’s product line includes healthy vitamin supplements, weight management, green living at home, and healthy beauty products.

Smart and Educated.

This generation is highly educated. They are smart and want to use their training to build a successful career. Entrepreneurs in particular will see that the Shaklee program can provide an opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work.


Energetic and Optimistic.

Any selling program involves a certain level of rejection. Young peoples’ energy and natural optimism gives them a resilience others may not have. They can look at the bigger picture over the long run and see that a few “nos” today can be offset by the potential rewards from the “yeses”.

Gold Ambassador

Appreciate the Low Initial Investment.

Young entrepreneurs typically need to find a program with a low initial investment to get started. Shaklee is a perfect fit with an initial investment of only $299 can get them into the program.

Introducing a New Generation to Shaklee.

While Shaklee has been around for over 50 years it is not as well known by the younger generation. This provides the opportunity for younger business leaders to tap into a huge undeveloped market.


Can Benefit From Mentoring/Sponsorship Business Model.

Young entrepreneurs may have the education and energy to do just about anything. But the Shaklee business model is built upon each new Independent Distributor being sponsored. This sponsorship provides a long-term relationship and the opportunity to quickly learn from a pro.

Part Time Work

Can Work Part-Time and Still Be Successful.

Many young people don’t have the time to get started in a full time business. With Shaklee they can take advantage of being able to work at their own pace and still be successful. And as with any new entrepreneurial project, the reward will be directly related to the time and effort invested.

Looking for Alternative Employment in the Current Economy.

No one has to tell new college graduates how tough it can be to land that first job in the current economy. But by creating a job by starting a Shaklee business it will be possible to eliminate that problem. Shaklee has exceeded its sales goals in each of the past 6 recessions and has proven that it doesn’t take a strong economy to be successful.

How Does a Young Entrepreneur Get Started?

  1. Learn more. Check us out. Look over our website. Check out the products and learn more about the Shaklee Difference. Here are our online resources:Shaklee Web Site: http://vitaminsupplements.myshaklee.com
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  3. Join Shaklee. Start today by joining our Shaklee Team by registering as a Gold Ambassador. For only $349 you will receive over $500 in products and will be on your way!
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