10 Reasons for LGBT Entrepreneurs to Build a Shaklee Business

Corporate America has becoming an increasingly accepting opportunity for members of the LGBT community. There are more and more companies that offer non-discrimination policies for sexual orientation and even benefits for partners. Co-workers and management can be supportive and allow gay and lesbian workers more freedom than in the past.

But being an open member of the LGBT community in the workforce can still be a tough situation. In some parts of the country it is more accepted than others.

What is a good alternative?

Becoming your own boss and building your own business has been a way for gay entrepreneurs to earn a good living and live their own lifestyle. But starting out on your own can be stressful, take an incredible amount of initiative and effort, and often requires a significant investment. One good opportunity we have discovered is to build a Shaklee business as an Independent Shaklee Distributor.

10 Reasons for Gay Entrepreneurs to Build a Network Marketing Business:

1. You can be your own boss.

You will have flexibility in your time and schedule, deciding on the best use of your time. And you will have the opportunity to truly enjoy your work.

2. You can select your business partners.

When you decide to join Shaklee and start building your business you will be able to select the people you will be working with on a daily basis – no boss or company will tell you who your co-workers will be.

3. You get a choice in who are your customers.

In addition to having a choice in your business partners, you will also be able to have a say in who your customers are. You can promote Shaklee products to anyone so why not select people you like to see every day?

4. You can build a business promoting healthy products in the $350+ billion health and wellness industry.

Shaklee has been in business for over 50 years and is the number 1 natural nutrition company in the US. Shaklee is the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral™ certified. The Shaklee products are excellent quality and you will be genuinely helping others to live a more healthy lifestyle.

5. You will have the opportunity to promote three of the most valuable products for the LGBT community:

  • Vivix Anti-Aging Formula
  • Vitalizer Healthy Nutrition Supplements
  • Nutriferon Immunity Boost

6. You can be rewarded based on your efforts.

The Shaklee program provides you with unlimited income potential. There are 7 ways to generate income and it one of the best in the industry. And importantly you will be recognized for your achievements

7. You can work in a supportive organization that values individual contribution

Instead of working for someone else, being constrained by the existing structure, you will be part of an organization that recognizes individuals based on contribution – not on who they are.

8. Becoming a Shaklee Independent Distributor does not require a large investment.

Starting as a GOLD Ambassador costs only $349, providing a $500+ value. There is no inventory, customer service, or transaction costs. And you can build your business online, giving you the chance to promote your business nationwide and even globally.

9. Shaklee provides comprehensive training to get started.

Shaklee is not looking for just sales people. We are looking for entrepreneurs. The training is extensive, including online and printed material. Shaklee University will give you the tools needed to business a successful business. And most importantly the person who sponsors your member will become your mentor.

10. Become part of the LGBT Shaklee “family”.

We all spend a tremendous portion of our time in our work. We feel that this time should be spent with positive individuals who want to work with us no matter what community we belong to. And at Shaklee we are working to build a large and successful LGBT network of distributors.

Does this sound interesting to you? Do you want to know more? We hope so and want to hear from you.

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