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Ipad Homescreen

Apple Ipad Homescreen

Want to get attention?

Want to have your Shaklee message right in the hands of your customers and potential business leaders? Nothing works better than the new Apple iPad.

The iPad can be a great sales tool. You can upload your favorite Shaklee presentations and videos using iTunes. And then for a personal sales presentation, all you need to do is find your Keynote presentation and hand it to the prospect.  You will be amazed at the attention you – and your message – will get.

iPads come in two basic versions: Wi-Fi and 3-G. The Wi-Fi version is less expensive and requires you to be in a “hot-spot” to access the internet. But your videos and presentations can be available anytime because they are downloaded to your device. The 3-G version allows for continuous internet access.  Think of it as a cell phone connection – without being able to talk on it.

For each version, you can get 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB of storage. It costs more to have more capacity, but even the smallest version will be able to handle almost any load of presentation material you will need.

How much do they cost?

The least expensive model is $499, plus tax. That is the Wi-Fi 16 GB model. The 3-G option starts at $629, plus tax. And also consider that you will need to have a data-plan through AT&T. The additional storage runs around an additional $100 for each upgrade.

And don’t forget the AppStore on iTunes. There are literally hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPad Apps available. This is what can make it fun – from games to productivity programs.  There are even several fitness Apps that can be useful for your clients.  There is no Shaklee iPad App – yet!

You may be familiar with PowerPoint presentations. While they don’t work on Apple iPads, you can easily convert any existing PPT to the Keynote program, which is the Apple presentation software.

Check it out and start our making a good impression! There is a good reason Shaklee has decided to include the iPad in their rewards program.

Cinch Presentation on the iPad

Cinch Presentation on the iPad

Shaklee Opportunity Presentation on the iPad

Shaklee Opportunity Presentation on the iPad


What do you think?


Tom Leonard says:

Thanks, I will check it out.

Ames electricians says:

uhhh do u even own an ipad?

Tom Leonard says:

Sure do. The iPad is great for presentations with Keynote. Which one do you have?