Update on The Body About New Studies on Supplements

The Body is a great resource for information on living with HIV/AIDS. One feature is where users can “Ask the Expert”.

A recent post is a question for Nelson Vergel where the following question is asked: “Any new studies on supplements at the Vienna International AIDS Conf?”

Click here to check out Mr. Vergel’s response.

Nelson Vergel has great credentials for this type of information. In addition to many other accomplishments he also serves as a member of several pharmaceutical companies’ community advisory boards. Click here to see more information on his background. You can also see some of his work at http://www.powerusa.org/.

We feel that it is important for everyone to research credible online resources such as The Body where you can learn more about how to live a healthier life. We definitely do not have all of the answers but want everyone to become better informed.

What do you think?