Eating The Same Thing Every Day

On your diet should you be eating the same thing every day?

A lot of people say that having variety is a key to healthy eating. That may be true. But it not going to be the best way to control what you eat. And that is important if losing weight is your goal.  This is how it works for me.

Eating the same thing every day.

Now this doesn’t mean that you should never vary your diet. But limit it. This way you can control what you eat.

Think of the last time you visited a new restaurant. Or decided to cook something you have always wanted to try. Did you eat light? Or did you go for it all? I know that I always want to try too much when it is a new experience. And this will not lead to eating theating the same thing every daye same thing every day.

One good thing about having the same thing for breakfast and lunch is that it will save you a ton of time. I know that is how it works for me. If I don’t have to made decisions on what to eat 3 times a day. But only 2.  Would that help out when you are trying to lose weight?

Check this out if you want to see the plan I am currently using to make my diet more simple.

It means that I can save that decision-making brain power for something more important. Some people say that we have the ability to make only so many decisions in a day. And then we get sloppy. Ever said yes to rust-proofing when buying a car just because you were too tired to think of a reason not to?

Some people wear the same thing every day for the same reason. No early morning decisions on what to wear. It can lead to less stress. So why not do the same for eating the same thing every day?

My recommendation is to try this out. Go for a week eating the same – sensible – things for breakfast and lunch. And you can see if it works for you just like it does for me.


What do you think?