What If I Mess Up My Diet?

What if I mess up my diet. And eat something I shouldn’t? What then? Don’t let a slip throw you off.

What if I mess up my diet?

You know what will happen. You have been there before. I have been there before. You decide to lose weight. Good for you. And you have some success. But then you slip up. That dessert just looks too good. Or that waffle is calling your name at breakfast. Or a Big Mac is a necessity.

So what do you do? what if i mess up my diet? The typical response is to beat yourself up. Think that is it hopeless. That there is no way that you can be successful at losing weight. What were you thinking? And you just might give up.

But the best way to think of it is like the GPS in your car. Or on your phone. Let’s say you have the destination programmed in. And you are your way. You are making good progress. But then you mess up and miss an exit or a turn.What if I mess up my diet?

What does the GPS do? Does it turn on you? Call you a loser? Start berating you? No. Just the opposite. It just starts plotting a new path back to the destination, right? There is no name calling. (If name calling is involved, I suggest getting a new system.)

So treat your journey to a slimmer you the same way. When you fall off the path – thinking what if i mess up my diet – you have set out on, just get back on course. Remember your motivation. And get back on the horse, so to speak.

And when it happens again, you will know how to react. Just get back on track. Because you know it will. In fact there is an excellent chance that you will fall off a few times. But once you learn how to manage your reaction, then you will have an incredibly powerful tool to use.

What do you think?