31 Perfect Things

Source: http://zenhabits.net/perfection/

By Leo Babauta

As we see more and more holiday gift guides, articles espousing the perfectness of glitzy products, I’d like to offer an alternative perspective.

We don’t need to buy things to make our lives beautiful or joyous. We don’t need more glamorous items in our lives to find happiness and contentment. We can find these wonderful qualities in what’s already in front of us.

Most moments, I forget this. In my best moments, I remember, and my heart expands with love for life and everyone around me.

In my mind, these things are perfect, and are proof that we don’t need to buy anything to be happy, cool, excited, contented:

A quiet morning.
A walk outdoors.
Reading one of those books sitting on your shelves.
A cup of tea, drunk slowly.
A hug.
An avocado.
Berries, savored.
A good workout.
Time to practice sketching.
A song that gets you dancing.
Creating something.
This current moment.
A connection with someone else.
The light of the dying day.
Fallen leaves.
Learning something new.
Someone wanting your attention.
A friend.
Reflecting on life, in a journal.
People laughing around you.
Imagining future possibilities.
A bite of mango, lingered over.
Writing a love note to someone you miss.
Knowing that you love yourself.

What do you think?