A Pilates Sequence for Building a Strong Core

Source: http://www.sonima.com/yoga/pilates-core/

Pilates is a method of functional exercise involving deep core work. A strong, balanced core is essential for proper form and beautiful posture. This is an integrated series which focuses on contraction and elongation of the abdominal muscles. When the center is strong and flexible, the body will feel a new sense of freedom and balance.

Warm Up

This series of postures will help warm the body and prepare it for even deeper work to come. Before you start working your core, make sure the entire body is awake and ready. Take the time to center yourself, breathe well, and shift your awareness inward.

Child’s Pose


Bring the big toes to touch, with the knees apart, the sitz bones reaching to the heels, and arms extended fully forward.



Make sure the shoulders are over the wrists. Keep the legs engaged and lower belly pulling in. The side-waists are long and firm.

Downward Dog



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