Announcing the Level Up Your Life Pre-Order Bonuses (and Book Tour!)


For seven years we’ve been building a Rebellion.

We started in our small corner of the internet, quietly exchanging messages, trying to figure out how to get healthy on our own.

In this humble HQ, our Rebels began to stir. Our forces grew. A Rebel Army formed.

Now, everything is about to change. And yes, obviously I’m partly talking about the impending release of the new Star Wars film.

But maybe more importantly (gasp), the Rebellion’s time to strike has come. Our team has been furiously working behind the scenes to prepare a multi-stage battle plan to strike at the heart of the Empire.

And I need your help.

The Big Announcement: The First Nerd Fitness Book


Team Nerd Fitness has been working in secret on a plan for world domination – to spread the message of the Rebellion far and wide and help those living unfulfilled, unhealthy lives find their path again.

What’s phase one of this battle plan? It’s a book (a real one!), called Level Up Your Life. 

So what’s the book about? Simple: It’s a strategy guide for life that teaches you, step-by-step, how to turn yourself into a real-life superhero. I wanted to quash the conventional wisdom that says fulfilling lives full of adv…

What do you think?