Health and Fitness has become a Religion. And That’s a Terrible Thing.


religion of health and fitnesssDeclaring health and fitness a religion may seem a tad exaggerated, but let’s examine some observations.

Idols who possess a “perfect” physique are worshipped.
People pray to the gods of great glutes, abs, curves, long legs, and other specific body parts or shapes.
We search for a savior in the form of the next greatest diet or fad workout program hoping it will make all of our dreams come true.
With fervor we devour magazines, websites, books, and other resources to help us mold our bodies into something we can be proud of.
We pack gyms to work off calories from evil foods and purify ourselves from over indulgence and offer our sacrifice of a gut-busting effort as sweet incense to the gods of iron and cardio machines.

A bit exaggerated? Perhaps. But if you’re nodding in agreement you’ve likely seen this in action, or even participated. At one time I was an avid, evangelical member of the religion of health and fitness. I wasn’t trolling neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and attempting to share the good news of a healthy diet and rigorous workout routine sprinkled with a hefty dose of obsession, but was close enough. 

Health and Fitness. A New Religion?

Health and fitness was a tool I used to punish myself for overeating, workouts were perform…

What do you think?