How to Make Epic Ramen Bowls at Home


In the past few years, ramen has gone from college student staple to quite possibly the hottest food trend. And when you have a true ramen bowl—one filled with more than just instant noodles, MSG, and questionable preservatives—you have a satisfying, balanced meal that you can’t help but slurp up immediately.

You don’t need to stand in line at a food truck or wait to snag a table at a restaurant to enjoy one. Make your own bowl at home, and you can go crazy with a variety of noodles, pile on the veggies for a bigger nutritional punch, try a new protein, and add whatever flavors you can think of to spice things up (literally, if you choose). Simply pick an item from each category in the chart (broth is optional), load up your bowl, and grab some chopsticks!

How to Make Epic Ramen Bowls at Home

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