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Don’t sell yourself short
That’s the main thing I’ve realised this past couple of weeks whilst throwing myself into my non-training plan for my first tri this September. Never assume you can’t do something if you haven’t actually tried. Although I love challenging myself and learning new things, I do sometimes take the ‘easier’ route to make progress if it means not having to change and re-learn.
Like swimming. I’ve made so much more ground this past couple of sessions than I ever did last year, and that’s because I was ‘forced’ to step outside of my comfort zone. Yesterday I swam my first ever (flappy / stop-in-the-middle-to-have-a-cough-and-splutter) full length WITHOUT my nose clip. It was completely by accident too – I set off forgetting to put it on and then decided to just go for it and see what happened.

Turns out, no one died.

I did however, make the mistake of going for an evening swim on the day that schools broke up for summer. Which was no fun at all.

Lesson no.2:

Check the pool timetable

I’m really enjoying triathlon training at the moment. Or am I actually enjoying just 
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