Living Lightly with the One-Bag Lifestyle


By Leo Babauta

I’ve been on a handful of long trips this year and in recent years, and on all those trips, I lived out of a small bag.

I loved living so lightly, but every time I came home, it felt weird: all of a sudden I had about 10x more stuff. It didn’t feel in alignment with the light, minimal lifestyle.

So after a 25-day trip to Asia last month, I came home with a mission: to live only out of the same bag I traveled with.

I’ve been doing it for a couple weeks now, and I plan to keep doing it for as long as it feels right. I think of it as my One-Bag Lifestyle — though it’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t make me better than anyone, I really like it.

To be clear, I have more things than fit in the bag: furniture, an iMac, tools, a handful of books that I can’t bear to get rid of (about 10 of them). But as for clothes and other personal items, I boxed up everything else and am pretty much only using what can fit in my 21-liter backpack.

I don’t expect anyone else to want to do this, but in case you’re interested, I thought I’d share more about what I’m doing and why.

The Bag

I’ve been beta-testing an amazing backpack this year, the Minaal Daily, for about six months now, and I really love it. It’s not a cheap bag, but if you care about quality and live out of your bag, you’ll want to get something built well. If you’re interested, you should…

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