Setting goals for 2016


 There aren’t enough days in the week. 

This is a common problem I have when deciding on races and events for the year. There is no marathon in the 2016 game plan – I want to focus on running faster, swimming stronger, cycling longer, lifting heavier. 

I’ll swap the winter marathon plan for a sports cocktail of mixed skill and intensity. Mastering the art of repetition and precision to land a skateboard trick; learning how to swim efficiently with grace; building the strength in my legs and lungs to carry me 185 miles over two days on two wheels in May. 

In terms of running goals I’ve got a few stragglers that have been following me around for a couple of years now… the elusive sub-25 parkrun that I’ve been passively chasing; the sub-50 10k that I actually never trained for at all and then DNS’d the goal race because I wasn’t ‘running fit’ enough to shave over three minutes off. 

Well, that and the pull of the trail was too tempting when compared with 50mph winds along a seafront 10k course… 

I want a triathlon PB. I want to do a full pull up. Complete a Tough Mudder. Punch fear in the face and ride a black mountain bike trail. I want to go climbing again and get to the top …

What do you think?