Strong Woman Series, with Molly Galbraith


molly strong woman series“Don’t settle for good-enough when you deserve amazing” is one of the statements that remains seared in my mind after having the privilege of chatting with Molly Galbraith on the most recent episode of The Nia Shanks Show.

Molly is an amazing woman and in this episode she shares her contribution to the STRONG Woman Series. She reveals some personal struggles – losing a parent, battling an awkward phase, ending a relationship – and shares how she used those experiences to come out the other side a better, more awesome version of herself.

And, in usual Molly fashion, we have several great laughs throughout this conversation.

I dare you to get through this episode without giggling or being tremendously inspired.

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Show Notes for Episode 6 with Molly Galbraith:

2:00 – Molly’s “awkward phase” and growing up as a child of a politician.
8:45 – The actress I think Molly resembles, and her story about meeting her.
11:30 – How Molly embraced her uniqueness.
16:05 – Molly is a proud proponent of therapy.

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