'The Book Of Pears': A Love Letter To A Once Pre-Eminent Fruit

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Author Joan Morgan says Beurré Superfin is one of her favorite pears. It’s “truly delicious: very buttery, juicy, cream to pale yellow flesh, intensely rich with plenty of sugar lemony acidity,” she writes in The Book of Pears.

Courtesy of Joan Morgan

Tour the produce section of a modern grocery store and you may conclude that we live in an age of unprecedented variety and abundance.

Indeed, it’s never been easier to experience exotic fruit flavors like durian, dragon fruit or lychee and find staple fruits like blueberries and oranges pretty much any time of year.

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The Book of Pears

The Book of Pears

The Definitive History and Guide to over 500 Varieties

by Joan Morgan

Hardcover, 304 pages |


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