The Great Cleanup


By Joshua Fields Millburn · Follow: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram

There’s a scene in Californication in which Hank Moody, the show’s nihilistic protagonist, proclaims, “I’m a writer: I think, I type, I drink. … As far as I’m concerned, Art’s just another guy from Brooklyn.”

That sentiment has always resonated with me (sans drinking). Although I’ve written daily for more than a decade, and I even teach a writing class, I never thought of my writing as “art.” Is it expressive? Yes. Is it communicative? Yes. But is it art? Meh.

So it would stand to reason that I wouldn’t consider “blogging” an art form, either, right? Well, no, actually that’s not true—because I recently changed my mind.

Alongside our editor, Shawn Harding, we spent the summer of 2015 editing every essay on this website—nearly 500 of them—by updating text, correcting typos, culling unnecessary words, and replacing photos to establish a more uniform motif.

We didn’t embark on this Great Cleanup to make The Minimalists a perfect website; perfection is futile. Rather, after five years of writing for this audience, we’ve developed our voice and created an aesthetic commensurate with our message (simple,…

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