Training for Strength? The Top 3 Rep Schemes You Should Be Using


“I just need to get stronger…ya know what I mean?” Jake, a college kid that I train, recently told me.

I took a slow sip of my Americano, anxiously waiting for the caffeine buzz to constrict my blood vessels and supercharge my brain.

“I hear you man. When I was your age, I made strength a priority. Your strength isn’t just dictated by your size, it comes down to planning and loading. ”

Jake looked up quizzically. “I’m not sure I follow. What rep schemes will help me build strength?”

You see, there’s a reason beyond just genetics that the willpower of some lifters is stronger than that of others, and that is the rep schemes and loading parameters that they use while lifting.

Yes, effort is important, but it’s imperative that your workouts are pointed towards maximizing your strength if you want to reach the top of the strength totem pole.

As it pertains to maximum strength, you need to have specific training methods combined with the willpower to go all-out in order to get as strong as possible.

“Why bro? I just want to have abs, arms, and pick up hot chicks…who cares if I’m actually strong?”

For starters, a base of strength improves your ability to train for all other qualities, from athletic performance to getting absolutely jacked.

Sure, you don’t need to be a powerlifter, but a periodic block of strength work increases your work capacity and ma…

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