In 2015 our average attention span is just eight seconds. Eight bloody seconds. That’s less than the humble goldfish (which is nine, if you’re interested).

As a digital marketer, this presents an exciting daily challenge – creating content, in a world with so much stimulus, that captures and keeps the attention of various audiences. Campaigns that keep attention enough to elicit an emotional response – whether that’s to like, comment or share a piece of content, take part in a competition, use a hashtag or follow a brand.

As a human – it presents a daily bombardment of information and distraction. 

I’ve spent most of today sitting about on the internet, scrolling endlessly through people’s lives, lying in wait for the next notification to reel me in, reading up on cat behavioural traits, browsing recipes, looking for races to do, reading blogs and various articles on nothing in particular.

Basically doing everything but what I planned to do today.

When I finally started to write I ended up straddling two blog posts simultaneously, not able to decide which to focus on.

Then I told everyone on Twitter about it and urgently went looking for this:

Sometimes, it’s impossible for me to focus on one thing at a t…

What do you think?