Weekend Adventures

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Hello from the train on the way from DC to Philadelphia! I’m heading up for the day for my annual holiday meet up with my college BFFs, Turner and Kris. Turner lives in Philly, and Kris lives in Paris but comes home for the holidays, so every year for a few years now we’ve done a little pre-Christmas meet up in the city. It’s an easy train ride from DC and I can work on the way there and back, so everyone wins. You can see what I’m up to on Instagram and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap. :)

As for this weekend, it was a low key one! Matt and I didn’t have much on the agenda so we were able to get some stuff done around the house, which was nice. On Saturday morning, we got in an 8 mile training run (here’s what we’re training for). I LOVEEEE running in (pre-snow and ice) winter – cold weather running is so much better than hot weather running, in my opinion! (Related post: How to Dress for Cold Weather Running.)

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Matt and I decided …

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