What Happens If You Hit Your Fat Loss Goal and HATE It?

Source: http://romanfitnesssystems.com/articles/what-if-you-lose-too-much-fat/

Today I’ve got a fun and interesting story for you.

It’s the kind of story you don’t hear a lot in the fitness industry, for two reasons: firstly, I’m telling it as a fairy tale, because why the hell wouldn’t I do that?

Secondly, because part of it can be a bit…I guess “off-putting” is the right term.

It’s a story about someone who wanted to lose a lot of weight, and when they hit their goal, decided they didn’t like it.

Why can this be off-putting?

Well, with so many people struggling to lose fat all the time, hearing “I accidentally got too lean” can be pretty disheartening.

The way one of my clients put it, “It’s sort of like being single and hearing someone in a happy relationship complain that they can’t go out without getting hit on. Like, just shut up.”

I get that. I’m going to ask you to suspend the inclination to react that way—because the lessons in this story are really valuable, and they ABSOLUTELY apply to everyone who is trying to get into great shape. Including you.

Even more importantly, this is a true story, after a fashion. And one you can learn from.

To begin, let me share this quote from one of my favorite books:

“Not only is my story designed to delight and entertain, but there is a kernel of truth hidden within, where only the cleverest student might find it&#…

What do you think?