17 DIY Ramen Recipes That'll Make You Forget About Instant Noodles

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If thinking about ramen summons images of styrofoam cups and seasoning packets with enough salt to make you dry up like a prune, you haven’t lived—when it comes to noodle soup consumption, anyway.

Ranging in flavors from bacon and egg to spicy Sriracha to vegetarian miso, these ramen recipes outdo any packaged variety and are almost as easy to make. Bonus: It’s a heck of a lot cheaper to go DIY than splurge on $10 noodle bowls. It’s time to start noodling around.


Winter Chicken Ramen

Photo: Blue Apron

1. Winter Chicken Ramen

This seasonal recipe is broken down into 6 simple steps, with everything cooking in the broth for maximum flavor. Add in a healthy dose of cabbage, spring onions, and hard-boiled egg, and you’ve got yourself a protein-packed, feel-good weeknight meal.

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