A Low-Impact Workout to Build Lower-Body Strength

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Fact: You don’t need to break into a sprint or execute plyometric moves to get a great workout. Sometimes small movements, with little resistance and a higher number of repetitions, are all you need to feel the burn.

And that’s where this week’s 35-minute Pilates-style workout from Grokker comes in. There’s no jumping, punching, or running—but it’s still a great workout that will help build muscle in your lower body and work small muscles you’ve likely been neglecting.

You’ll start on the floor and work your abs, glutes, and thighs. Next, you’ll use the barre in a series of movements that will stretch and extend your legs. For this workout, you’ll need a barre (the back of a chair will work), a Pilates ball (or a soft cushion), light hand weights (optional), and a resistance band you can tie into a loop. You’ll start slow, so there’s no need for a warm-up. Just hit play below when you’re ready.

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