How to Access the Pelvic Floor in Yoga


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Within the yoga practice, there are several “locks,” or bandhas, that work to support, structure, and soften any given pose. The root lock, also known as mula bandha, involves accessing and understanding the musculature of the pelvic floor. Accessing the pelvic floor lock is especially helpful in jumping forwards and backwards in the traditional Ashtanga yoga sequence.

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In this video, Jessica Walden, an Ashtanga yoga teacher based in Encinitas, California, explains the importance of using these muscles to access the pelvic floor, and guides us through a short meditation to help access the subtlety of the practice. She then goes on to show how mula bandha can be accessed within various physical postures in the yoga practice.

Photo by: Hailey Wist; Pictured: Sharmila Desai

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