How to Master the Art of “Old School” Muscle Building


The movie industry has provided many indispensable lessons, but among the most important is a simple truth: nothing beats the classics. After all, many of today’s best movies are remakes from those that succeeded in the past or sequels to great concepts that everyone enjoyed.

In an age where the latest technology is favored over time-tested advice, and “get fit quick” infomercials clog our expectations with smoke and mirror sales pitches, we have a tendency to overlook the best advice simply because it’s old.

Some watches are old. Some cars are old. Hell, some might even consider Arnold old (not me, boss). But we can all agree that sometimes the most valuable things in life are those that have age, character, and a track record you can trust. Nowhere is this more accurate than the sage muscle building advice from yesteryear’s bodybuilders. As the great Mark Twain once said: “Age is just an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

As you work to give your extra 1% this year—whether that’s starting your journey to a better body or making a push to be better than ever—one place you should not ignore the are the history books. Here are some of the best bodybuilding tips developed back-in-the-day that today’s best fitness coaches think could use a refresh in the gym. Add these to your fitness plan—including a favorite technique from Arnold—and the only thing that will be old is the body you used to ha…

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