The Best Instagram Accounts for Non-Cheesy Fitness Motivation


Oh, Instagram. Where would we get our 6 a.m. workout motivation without you? Or motivation to work out at any hour, let’s be real.

Chances are, you’re already following a slew of accounts—some inspiring, others informative, and even a few that are just plain entertaining. Also likely? Plenty of posts with quotes and sayings that are as cheesy as a sizzling slice of pizza. You know the kind, the ones peppered with hashtags like #fitspo, #selflove, #beautiful.

That’s why you need to follow these accounts. Some are hilarious and others are just plain #facts. Either way, they’re relatable and refreshing. And they’ll make you want to work out for all the right reasons.

1. ACE Fitness

The Instagram account for the American Council on Exercise delivers candid, real-talk mantras that will make you shout, “YES!” Plus, it provides #PROtips from ACE’s network of certified health specialists.

2. Y7 Studio

The Brooklyn-based yoga studio, a favorite of Girls star Zosia Mahmet, is not just for crunchy granola types. The hip-hop-inspired classes flow to some serious beats, and the studio’s Instagram will remind you what a good time work…

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