The Easiest Way to Stop Wasting Time and Increase Productivity


This past weekend, I spoke at a conference that–I kid you not–was called “The Bad Ass Mentor’s Retreat.”
 Topanga increasing productivity.

Yes, I’m wearing a shirt with Topanga on it.


Organized and hosted by my old friend Jason Capital, an extremely savvy entrepreneur I’ve known for a long while, the conference was filled with nearly 300 men, all looking to become better versions of themselves.

I personally spoke about increasing testosterone, and how that can make you more successful in life, business, and relationships. My talk was well-received, and I think I gave out a LOT of great information that going to help people increase their productivity and all around crush it in 2016.

One of the things all of the speakers talked about was the importance of “NOT To-Do” lists. That is, make a list of all of the things you absolutely refuse to do, and then stick with it. 

DO NOT check email before noon. Email is a reactive exercise; it forces you to move on things that you don’t need to. Instead, spend the first 3-5 hours of the day working on a big project.
DO NOT watch TV with weak male characters. One of the things I detest about mainstream entertainment media is that married men are always portraye…

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