Which Workout Is Your State Obsessed With?

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Some of us swear by barre, while others can’t get enough of Soul Cycle. So it’s no surprise that our favorite form of exercise is different from our neighbor. Vox analyzed Google search trends to determine the most searched workouts in each state. Here’s what we learned:

We drank the celeb Kool-Aid. Utah wanted to work out like Kate Hudson and Wisconsin searched for The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels. And in a surprising showing of bipartisanship, politicos in D.C. searched most for Rep. Paul Ryan’s workout.

This was the year of HIIT. High-intensity workouts were popular across the country. The top search in New Jersey, Missouri, and Vermont was some variation of a HIIT workout.

Some workouts are far from traditional. Oregonians stayed #hip with the dead bug exercise, while pole dancing workouts were popular among Floridians.

To find out the most searched workout in your state, check out the full story, complete with snazzy interactive graphic.

See the Top Workout in Your State

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