3 Mindfulness Lessons We Learned from Our Toddler

Source: http://www.sonima.com/meditation/mindfulness-lessons/

Of course, we were a little freaked out initially. We were about to become first-time parents and had no idea what would happen after the nurse handed us our daughter. We expected crying, sleepless nights, and plenty of dirty diapers. We also knew there’d be quiet times when she ate, slept, or cuddled. But how would we know what we should be doing when, or what we should do next? Where was the manual for this thing??

Mercifully, we quickly learned that you don’t need one. When our daughter, Piper, arrived, she came with her own set of signals that were subtle but real: A hunger cry, a tired cry, a confused look that means, “Hey, you better check the back of my shorts.” What we never could have predicted, however, were the larger lessons Piper would teach us from day one and continue to educate us today, almost three years later.

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A guru is born.


Things the Little Guru Shows Us Without Even Trying

Piper, and kids in general, automatically practice many of the mindful habits that we tend to unlearn somewhere on the path to adulthood. Being present. Being content. Not wanting more than we need. Kids display these behaviors without thinking.

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