3 Surprising Benefits of Pursuing Your Passions Outside of Work

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We may be in the depths of winter, but before you blink, it’ll be spring. Then the long, balmy summer nights will be here, and suddenly—holy sh*t—it’s the holidays again.

When next winter arrives on your doorstep, how do you want to feel? More alive, inspired, and full? Do you want to feel more like who you really are, more connected to the inner you, and more fire in your spirit?

Well, there’s a shortcut to achieving that: setting aside at least four to six hours per week to do what you love. Block off chunks of time in your calendar like any other non-negotiable appointment.

Whether your dream is to make your hobby a priority during the busy workweek or to make your passion profitable by starting a side gig, there is no time like the present to begin using your natural talents to elevate your spirit (and maybe even your bank balance).

When you make your passions as important as your workouts, date nights, and undying commitment to Bravo, amazing things start to happen.

Here are just a few of the hobbies and side hustles my clients have picked up: singing part-time, creating beautiful aprons, starting a high-end matchmaking service, health coaching, creating organic skin-care products, customizing healthy family meal plans on a budget, designing custom bras, making travel plans, helping entrepreneurs create high-impact personal brands, and writing a novel. Phew. The options are truly unlimited and endless!

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