Ask Darya: How can I resist temptation in the heat of the moment?


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This week our Ask Darya question is from Kaite:

Brain question! How do you convince yourself in the moment to make the choice you *know* will make you feel better… but the bad idea seems like a good idea? I struggle with wanting cupcakes/cookies/chips when I’m overtired & stressed finishing writing work at night (there’s a store downstairs, so temptation’s close). There’s never been a time it makes me feel great- yet it in the moment it always seems like something worth trying for more energy. How do I stop myself from making a choice I already know the outcome of?

I love this question because it is something we ALL can relate to, and I tell my personal story about overcoming my grad school burrito habit. Watch the video to learn how to make the healthiest decision when you really, really want to eat something unhealthy.

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