Eats/Exercise + NEDA Week


Happy Wednesday, my friends!

I’m proud because I dragged myself out of bed yesterday and to the track – in the RAIN. Full disclosure is that it wasn’t raining when I got up and got dressed, and by the time it started, I was already ready to go and walking out the door – bailing at that point seemed silly. 😉

how to run in the rain

As always, what seemed like a terrible idea while I was tucked in bed quickly became an awesome idea once I made it out there and saw my track buddies. Everyone was in good spirits because rain meant that it wasn’t snowing. 😉

<img title="rainy track workout" style="border-top: 0px;border-right: 0px;border-bottom: 0px;float: none;padding-top: 0px;padding-left: 0px;border-left: 0px;margin: 0px auto;padding-right: 0px" border="0" alt="rainy track workout" src="" width="6…

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