Living the KIND Life


What does living the KIND life mean to you? I’ve partnered with KIND snacks to reflect on how I live KIND – and I’d love to hear how you do as well!

As I get older, I’ve discovered more and more the importance of living KIND. What is living KIND? There’s no right or wrong answer, but to me, this means doing the KIND thing for my body, my taste buds, my mind, and for others. Here are some more details on the ways I work to live KIND on a daily basis.

1) Doing the KIND thing for my body with regards to fitness.

Doing the KIND thing for our bodies will look different every day, and I’m a big fan of using an intuitive exercise approach (just like with intuitive eating). Ask yourself: what form of movement will serve me best today? Some days, this means getting in a sweaty, heart pounding workout. Another day, it might mean a restorative yoga class. Yet another day, it might mean some fresh air in the form of a social or solo run, or a casual walk. Just like with food, we should aim for variety in our fitness endeavors – and that includes rest days, too. Those are just as important – both mentally and physically – as active days! (See also: How to Know When You Need a Rest Day)

The most important thing? Try to find the joy in movement. Just because someone else is doing something doesn’t mean you have to – find what serves you best and remember that movement is …

What do you think?