The Every-Person’s Guide To Immune System Support


The mistakes never seemed to end. At least, that’s how it felt when I started spending half my year on the road…and subsequently half of my year sick or fighting to solve my busted immune system.

The thing is, when I started running my own business I planned for many things. I did not plan for how spending more than 150 days per year traveling might create a universe of perpetual illness. In reality, my problems are no different than yours. The same pathogens and pitfalls that made me sick make you sick. The only change is that my travel schedule might make me a little more susceptible to reoccurring illness. Or, that’s what I thought.

Did you know: glutathione, a powerful antioxidant in whey, helps protect your body from illness.

You know that sometimes getting sick is inevitable. What you may not know—or at least what I never realized—is that you can set up your day in a way that protects your body and reduces the likelihood of the flu, upset stomach, or any seasonal sickness from taking you down.

Want to be healthier more often? Here are some suggestions that you can make a part of your day without much inconvenience to support your immune system. Your goal: apply three or more of these tips, and you’ll avoid the majority of errors I made.

Tip #1: The Hydration Fix

Airplanes are notorious as a sickness hotbed and a major threat to your immune sytem. You probably assume that it’s because you’re in an enclosed space. Wh…

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