Unplug to Connect: Why We All Need to Put Down Our Phones

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Friends on Phones

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.” ~Joseph F Newton

Can you imagine your life without a cell phone?

It’s hard, right?

For most of us, we use our phones every day, whether it’s for talking with others, looking up information, or entertaining ourselves during those lulls in the day.

A short while back, my phone contract expired and I was left without a cell phone. It felt strange at first, since my phone was something that was beside me almost every second of the day.

But a thought came up. What would my life be like without relying on a cell phone all the time? I decided to run an experiment to see how it impacted me.

And what I learned surprised me.

When my eyes weren’t glued to my phone, I was able to look up and notice different things around me. I became more aware of how people used their phones, especially when there weren’t any other electronic devices around to engage them.

One day, I went to a restaurant for a meal and noticed a family of four sitting beside me. Two adults and two preteen children were seated in a cozy corner, gazing at their menus.

It looked like they were out having an enjoyable meal as a family. Wasn’t it the perfect time for them to reconnect with one ano…

What do you think?