What Does Your Spending Style Say About You?

Source: http://www.sonima.com/meditation/mindful-money/

I’m the first to admit it: I love shopping and I tend to live for the moment. I took a quiz recently that tested my financial know-how, and for the question, “What would be considered a long-term financial goal?,” I chose three to six months; the right answer is more than five years. Most of my spending isn’t exorbitant—thrift store finds, the occasional Zappos splurge, too much eating out—but, over time, it started weighing on my wallet as well as my mind.

The first time my domestic partner suggested putting together a budget, I fought back tooth and nail. To me, spending by the numbers felt stale, controlling, the diametric opposite of spontaneity and freedom. My worldview basically boils down to “Life is a vacation”—and everyone knows that you don’t watch your spending when you’re on vacation.

Our attitudes and actions around money can be significant indicators of the emotional and spiritual issues we’re grappling with—even, or perhaps particularly, those we haven’t fully acknowledged yet. It’s like a shark fin: If there’s a herd of credit cards cresting the waves, you can be pretty sure there’s something dangerous under the water.

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