14 Unexpected Moves That Work Your Abs Better Than Crunches

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When it comes to bodyweight abs exercises, crunches aren’t always the way to go. In fact, research has shown the classic crunch isn’t even that effective since it doesn’t activate all of your core muscles.

Bottom line: Whether you want to build strength so you can do a pull-up or just want to show off a six-pack (hey, no judgment!), there are more effective exercises than endless crunches.

From plank variations to weighted exercises, these moves from Tone House head coach Evan Betts will totally change the way you think about working your midsection. It won’t even feel like you’re specifically targeting your abs, but you’ll still be engaging your core to the max.

How to use this list: Depending on your fitness level, Betts suggests picking 2 or 3 of the moves below. Perform each move for 60 seconds (or for the number of reps indicated), rest for 20 seconds, then perform the next move. At the end of all three moves, rest for up to 60 seconds, then repeat the circuit. Complete 3 or 4 rounds total.

Bodyweight Moves

High Knees

1. High Knees

Stand with feet hip-width apart, core engaged, and ba…

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