4 Spicy and Savory Yogurt Recipes

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Yogurt is no-doubt a versatile superfood. You’ve topped it with fresh fruit, granola, honey or agave, and other yummy ingredients. You’ve added a dollop of the Greek stuff to soups, baked potatoes, desserts and used it to make dips, dressing and sauces. And because the fermented milk, made with live bacterial cultures, is rich in calcium, protein, probiotics, vitamins and minerals, it’s smart to come up with interesting ways to incorporate it into your daily diet.

Which is why you might start to see spicy and savory yogurt options at your local grocery store. Popular Greek yogurt brand Chobani is already stocking supermarket shelves with new flavors like Chipotle Pineapple and Sriracha Mango. And they’re actually really good! You don’t have to wait until this brand or others come to a store near you. Give your sweet tooth a break, and try crafting your own salty bowls with fresh herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, and more.

1. The Everything Bagel

When you want that bagel fix without all the calories and carbohydrates, this recipe hits the mark. The savory blend of seeds and spices tastes just like an everything bagel and the yogurt offers the same tangy appeal as cream cheese. Top it off with smoked salmon for a delicious bowl that makes a great breakfast or satisfying afternoon snack.

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