After Years Of Dieting Cassie Finally Embraces Real Food And Reaches Her Goals



In this episode of the Foodist podcast Cassie tells her story of going from a chronic dieter to a foodist.

She explains:

How she was able to stop focusing on nutrients and drop the dieting mindset
The first changes she made to start changing her eating habits
Why learning to cook was the key to her success
The limiting beliefs that she needed to change in order to make progress
The obstacles she overcame so she could get more exercise
How she knew she was on the right track despite making only small changes
Why the psychological benefits of giving up dieting are even better than the physical results

She even emailed me after the show to emphasize her success:

“Since I didn’t really lose weight after finding ST (since I didn’t really need to) and the psychological changes were so huge to me, I feel like I down played the physical changes to my body during our talk. For the first time in my life, I have abs and a well defined muscles – like, I want to wear more tank tops to show off my shoulders and arms! I didn’t tape myself before getting more serious about strength training, so I don’t have any numerical results, and since my physical appearance wasn’t the reason I was working out it honestly feels like my musc…

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