Guys Are Growing Out Their Sideburns for an Awesome Cause


Sides of March

Move over, Movember; The Sides of March is here. A play on the Ides of March, the campaign encourages dudes to grow out their sideburns all month long to raise awareness of suicide, which is one of the top causes of death among men under 45. There’s only one rule for those who choose to grow out their facial hair: It can’t connect under your chin (that would be a beard), so you’ve got to stick to the muttonchops look.

The founder, Adam Torr, chose sideburns because they are a conversation starter. After he lost his friend to suicide last year, he wanted to find a way to get people talking more about mental health issues.

Donate here to help raise money for the Campaign Against Living Miserably, a nonprofit that works to prevent male suicide in the U.K.

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