How to Come up With a Kick-Ass Personal Mantra


It’s time for mantras to lose their New Age-y stereotype. The word mantra originates in Sanskrit and has been translated in English in various ways: a hymn or song of praise, sacred message or text, charm, spell, counsel, or incantation.

While mantras are frequently used in meditation sessions to silence mental chatter, anyone can benefit from one. Our minds are full of noise—largely repetitive, useless, and even harmless thoughts that are on replay much of the time. A mantra can slice through these thoughts in any moment, especially when you craft one that is meaningful just to you.

I recommend having two mantras for the two areas of your life where you need them most. If you’re on the job hunt, for example, maybe you have one to reassure you before an interview. If you’re dating, you have another to repeat on the way to a first date. (Struggling with body image? Try one of these 35 body-positive mantras to say in your mirror every morning.)

Here are five steps to come up with a kick-ass mantra you can use to help you feel strong, capable, and at peace when you need it the most. Think of it as your one-word pep talk, available at anytime or place.

We’ll use the career success example here.

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