How to Make Greek Stir Fry


This is from Team NF Member Rebel Chef Noel.

It’s March! The shine of the new year has worn off and the motivation inherent with New Year’s resolutions has dwindled away. If you’ve taken advice from Steve, some of those resolutions have become habits by now, and you’ve moved on to tackle bigger and better dragons.

Whether or not you partake in the new years hype, we all start new habits or respawn from time to time. When we do this, the motivation and energy that comes with starting something new doesn’t last forever.

If you’ve recently vowed to cook more of your own food or start a healthy eating habit, the excitement can wear off, and eating the same thing over and over again can start to feel boring.

So if you’re feeling too tired or too lazy to cook a healthy meal, the noble stir fry is here to rescue you.


Until recently, I always through stir fry meant an Asian dish, but I was listening to a Nom Nom Paleo podcast recently, and she was talking about her garbage stir fries – basically anything she has in the fridge or pantry as an easy weeknight meal. Awesome idea, right?

Stir fries are great becaus…

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