Is Rice Healthy For Me? Does White vs Brown Rice Matter?


I wanted to know the exact answer to the age old question, “What’s the meaning of life?”

But I couldn’t find an answer for that. So instead I set my sights on rice:

Is it good for us? Bad for us?
How do different types of rice affect me?
What wins, brown rice vs white rice?
Did Mitch Hedberg ever make it onto a Rice Krispies box? RIP.

After all, we get questions about rice ALL the time:

“Steve I’m Paleo but I hear rice isn’t that bad for you, help?”

“Why do you eat white rice at Chipotle? I hear white rice is way worse for you than brown rice. Just like white vs wheat bread!”

“Is it okay to eat rice and not anger the Paleo Gods?”

Let’s unlock this mystery of the universe.

Is Rice Healthy For Me?


Depending on how you want to feel about rice, you can point to either of the following studies:

People that live in Okinawa (home to Mr. Miyagi!), the highest life expectancy on the planet, eat a lot of rice. Rice HAS to be good for you then. Team Rice!

People of the Marshall Islands, home to one of the highest ratesĀ of Type 2 diabet…

What do you think?