Protected: Feeling your Path


file000166859946People have asked me – if there was just one thing I could do to improve my day, what should I do? I say; pay attention to how you feel and honor that feeling.

Why is this? Because every moment of every day, the ‘now’ moment, is where you define your life. If you want to change how your day unfolds, you have to unwrap each day differently. In order for you to be able to change some behavior, you have to be able to recognize the behavior when it occurs. This recognition only happens through a conscious awareness of your feelings and choosing to reshape your actions.

Here is a yoga practice.

Upon waking, recognize your opportunity to shape the current day. State your commitment to being aware of, and your willingness to accept the ramifications of, your actions. Maybe even look yourself in the mirror and state “I know that I am free to make choices. I am open to feeling the ramifications of my actions. I am aware that I can redo my actions.” After making this statement, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax.

Now, follow-through.

As you go about your day, your choices will lead you. Stay soft to the emotional responses of each choice and sense if the outcome makes you feel good or bad. If you’re ok with the feelings, just let it go and con…

What do you think?