Stop Buying into the Fitness Industry


I have been very contemplative over the past few months about the future of the Fitness Industry and how Evolution Fitness will progress as a business to serve people that want to become stronger and healthier. It has never been in our belief system to be at the center of the weight loss world or competing against the big box gyms. It is amazing how this industry will play on the emotions of individuals that have struggled with losing weight over a life time.  There are billions of dollars of products sold each year with dishonest marketing tactics that will get young women to try in attempts to lose that weight and fit into smaller jeans, and at the end of it those products are either completely ineffective or highly dangerous for health. On the other end young men are force fed this BS of taking ineffective supplements to get ripped and jacked, yet the models they are idolizing in those pictures are dosed with 10 times the Testosterone any human would naturally have in their body.

When I started Evolution in 2010 the goal was strength. Fast forward to 2016 the goal is still strength. Strength does have a greater purpose. It allows for more personal independence and confidence. Strength isn’t about becoming a powerlifter or world class athlete. Strength is about being able to challenge yourself and progressively move more weight in training to become better for activities in the outside world. So when you are looking for BS marketing to draw you in, you won&…

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